A fully Open-Source platform for automotive systems

Evidence Srl always had a particular attention for research and innovation, working as "technology enabler" for its customers. 

With this aim in mind, we have created an innovative and completely open-source solution for automotive systems, consisting of

  • Linux, for advanced human-machine interfaces (HMIs), remote communication and data logging
  • Erika Enterprise, for hard real-time control running on the same multi-core chip.

Our solution allows to combine the advanced features of a general-purpose operating system like Linux, with the typical predictability and reliability of a certified RTOS. Erika Enterprise, in fact, is the first OSEK/VDX-certified open-source RTOS, specifically designed for automotive and industrial control.

 Multi-OS solution


The feasibility and effectiveness of our solution has been proved through a demo running on a Freescale i.mx6 multi-core ARM chip, and has been shown to the public at the Automotive Linux Summit in Edinburgh

With respect to other solutions based on hypervisors, our solution enhances reliability and predictability by running control on a dedicated core; this allows to create systems that can respect even hard real-time requirements. Simple message passing mechanisms based on asynchronous read/write operations on predefined channels allow the communication between tasks running on Linux and tasks running on Erika Enterprise. A safe access to the shared data is obviously guaranteed by mutual exclusion mechanisms. Remote notifications is implemented through interprocessor interrupts. 

The following video (available on YouTube) shows a sawtooth demo:



The whole set of slides presented at the Automotive Linux Summit is available here.


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