Control systems

A control system is very important as it helps to manage, command, direct and/or regulate the behavior of electronics or mechanical devices.

In automotive, aeronautics, robotics, energy and other fields where it is possible to find automation, these solutions are key for business success. Mainly because an appropriate design and development of these technologies can improve: comfort, safety, reliability and performance.

Evidence can create platforms which easily combine real-time control and advanced human-machine interfaces. One example is the fully open-source platform mixing Linux and a RTOS on the same chip

Evidence provides tools based on Matlab/ScicosLab to reduce the time to market these devices by supporting its customers during various stages of development of the control application i.e. design, implementation, and final deployment.

In 2012 Evidence proposed a new tool called E4Coder for model based design, automatic code generation and control system development.

Evidence team is expert also in National Instruments solution (i.e. LabView), providing solutions for rapid control prototyping of sophisticated plants (i.e. Nuclear reactor plant).