Lately we have been involved in proliferation of in-vehicle electronics devices for automotive industries. This trend not only improved the comfort and the safety of the modern vehicles, but it has also created the need, for the car-makers, to keep in pace with  the latest developments in Information Technology. 

Based on the experience possessed by Evidence in successfully participating and completing industrial and research projects, Evidence supports its customers in this era of innovation by providing competitive and professional solutions. 
The principal product for this field is ERIKA Enterprise, the first open-source, royalty-free, OSEK/VDX Certified Real Time Operating System (RTOS). Based on this RTOS, Evidence can offer various services:  customizations, porting, device drivers developments, design and analysis tools. Moreover, we also have experience of OSEK, AUTOSAR, component-based design and automatic code generation i.e. by using your own devices, we can create an application framework for you.
Evidence has used Erika Enterprise to create a fully Open-Source solution for the automotive market. This solution allows, for example, to have the same chip running advanced dashboards and real-time engine control. 
Thanks to the collaboration with the Tool & Methodologies team of Magneti Marelli Powertrain & Electronics, the automotive kernel (BCC1, BCC2, ECC1, ECC2, multicore, memory protection and kernel fixed priority with Diab 5.5.1 compiler) is MISRA 2004 compliant using FlexeLint 9.00h under the configuration suggested by Magneti Marelli.