Embedded operating systems

The advancement in electronics is influencing our everyday life and the embedded systems are replacing general-purpose personal computers.

In 2006 Evidence Srl decided to invest in reasearch and devolpment of operating systems designed for embedded applications, providing a modified Linux distribution called Evelin and developing a easy-to-use development environments integrated with Eclipse and QtCreator.

Starting from these project, Evidence Srl began to collaborate with important companies acquiring the competences needed to provide professional services.

Nowadays, the Evidence teams can provide the following solutions:


  • Embedded Linux: the increasing adoption of Linux for embedded systems is one of the most exciting changes of the last years. The simple and elegant design of Linux guarantees robustness and very good performance, while its Open Source license allows to modify and change the source code according to the user needs. Evidence can customize and develop both BSP and SDK for customers, providing not only high-quality software, but also a professional and immediate technical support. For more information about Evidence activities with the Linux community see here
  • microsoftWindows-CE and Windows Embedded: together with Linux we developed expertise also in Windows-based solutions. Evidence can customize and optimize the BSP provided by Microsoft, reducing latency and increasing performance of the overall system. Moreover, our team can develop touch-screen based solution, integrating amazing graphics into very small devices. For more information about what we can do, read this application note.


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