Device drivers development

A device driver is a program that  is in charge of controlling a specific type of hardware device attached to the electronic board.

Evidence has a consolidated experience in development of device drivers for most kind of devices and for different operating systems. Evidence engineers have already developed and customized drivers for several devices, including IDE Compact Flashes, SD  cards, backlights, DACs, keypads, speakers, RS232 and RS485 serial interfaces, 8250 serial ports, USBs, proprietary Ethernet interfaces, LEDs, etc.

Given our level of expertise, we can provide our customers the development of specific device drivers or of whole BSPs for the following operating systems:   

  • Linux
  • Windows-CE and Windows Embedded
  • VxWorks
  • Android

Together with these services, dedicated to Automotive market, Evidence provides customized AUTOSAR-like drivers solutions based on:

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