Eclipse Editor Panels Plugins made easy!

  • Evidence EFORMS is an integrated Eclipse Forms GUI Designer, Builder, and Code Generator.
  • EForms is able to build complete Eclipse Editor Panel plugins which can be used to edit a set of customizable options and to generate a set of output files

EFORMS Plugins based on Eclipse Forms automatically generates code from an Eclipse Form


Why using EForms

Writing an Eclipse plugin showing complex inter-related data structures is often a long job requiring days of programming.
EFORMS cuts the development time needed to generate an Eclipse Editor Panel plugins from days to hours.
As a comparison, based on the same configuration, including the design of a Data Model, the design of the Editor Panel, and the generation of the plugin, excluded the coding of the code generation part (which is similar in both cases), the development time went down from 8-10 days of work (using EEF) to 4 hours!
The main features of the EFORMS framework are:
  • The Data Model, the Visualization properties, and the Code Generation parts are clearly separated;
  • The constraints between the various attributes are automatically enforced;
  • The build process of the plugin is completely automatic, limiting manual intervention;
  • Many attributes can be customized, including Icon, License, and File extension;
  • The plugin is obfuscated with the ProGuard Obfuscator, the same obfuscator used by default with the Android Platform.

The EFORMS data model and Editor Panel description is used to automatically build an Eclipse Forms Plugin. The Code Generation description in Acceleo is then used to Generate Code.

When to use EForms

  • Evidence EFORMS brings a graphical flavor to your configuration files!
  • EFORMS is useful when you have in-house libraries and scripts that you need to configure for each product you make. Often these libraries have interdependencies, and configuring them considering all the constraints can be a challenging task.
  • EFORMS helps this configuration process by building an Eclipse Editor Panel plugin which shows the various options. The plugin knows all dependencies, helping the user choosing the right configuration.
With EFORMS, Editing and Generating your configuration files will now be a simple job!
EForms as a service
To simplify the usage of EFORMS, we decided to make EFORMS available as an engineering service. In other words, no Eclipse expertise is needed to generate your configuration plugin!
Please contact us with a version of the output files to be generated, and with a list of options / panels / data dependencies to be implemented. We will quickly provide an Eclipse Editor Panel plugin implementing your configurator!

Custom Eclipse plugins

Evidence has 10 years of expertise on Eclipse, since version 3.0.0. In addition to EFORMS, we are available to provide custom Eclipse plugin development including technologies such as EMF, Acceleo, XText, and GEF, as well as the ProGuard Obfuscator.
Given an example Eclipse Form and the output you would like to generate, we can create for you an Eclipse plugin.

Download the demo here!