Scicos Pack

Scicos is a modeler/simulator for hybrid dynamical systems. It can simulate a wide variety of systems, including discrete and continuous time dynamics simulation of the same process.
Scicos can solve non-linear differential equations described by: Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE), Differential Algebraic Equations (DAE) and Discrete Difference Equations. With Scicos, one can model hybrid dynamical systems by using block diagram schematics and/or by using the modelling languageModelica. In both the cases, the user can generate C code from the model description.
The ScicosLab Pack is a software suite that includes all the tools needed to generate code for ERIKA Enterprise based applications for supporting hardware platforms like FLEX and EasyLab, and thereby simplifying the development process of the control solution.

The ScicosLab-Pack includes:

  • Complete support for the Easylab board, a new cheap and easy-to-use prototyping board sold by Evidence.
  • Scicos CodeGen menu to save user preferences.
  • Communication blocks for Flex and Easylab (RS232, UDP, CAN, USB, ...).
  • A performant installer.
  • Documentation forthe blocks loaded in the ScicosLab Help.
  • A DLL to enable diagram simulation with the ScicosLab-Pack blocks.
  • Blocks images loaded in the palette tree, Flex encoder blocks updated, etc.

Scilab/Scicos code generators:

If you are at this page you can be interested in E4Coder.

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