FLEX113: FLEX Mini Kit

The FLEX Mini Kit is a complete pack targeted specifically for ZigBee users and educational institutions e.g. Schools and Universities. It adds-on a lot of most commonly used features that are used for carrying out prototyping and laboratory experiments.
The FLEX Mini Kit is ideal for developing a WSN (Wireless Sensor Network).




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The FLEX Mini Kit consists of:

  • PIC24FJ64JA004 (16 Mhz) microcontroller
  • PIC battery monitor
  • Real-time clock
  • 1KB Serial EEProm
  • Microchip MRF24J40MA ZigBee transceiver
  •  Pins for PICkit programming
  •  3-axis accelerometer (selectable range from 1.5g to 6g)
  •  Buzzer
  •  Thermal sensor
  •  Light sensor
  •  2 x DIP switches
  •  2 x LEDs
  •  9 V battery connector + DC in jack

Note: The Kit is sold without a 9V battery and without a PICKjit3 programmer.

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