The increasing adoption of Linux for embedded systems is one of the most exciting change in recent years. The simple and elegant design of Linux guarantees robustness along with a very good performance. Also, its Open Source license permits to modify and change the source code to suit user needs.

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Adopting Linux gives some important advantages:

  • No runtime royalties (in most cases) hence less overall design cost.
  • Availability of source code and development tools at no charge.
  • POSIX standard support to enhance portability across different systems.
  • Wide range of operating system services including effective network support.
  • Support from a well established user and development community.


Evidence can help you in adopting the right Linux solution by supporting your company at all the fundamental steps.

Evidence supports Linux through Evelin ("EVidence Embedded LINux") and its suite of tools and firmware for embedded Linux devices. All tools and software packages can be configured and customized to meet your specific needs.

Engineers from Evidence can also develop customized Linux drivers for your specific platform.



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The Evelin suite consists of:

Graphical Linux distribution for embedded devices

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Easy development of graphical applications for embedded Linux systems

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