Evelin BSP

Graphical Linux distribution for embedded devices.

Evelin Linux BSPs basically contain:

  • Scripts to configure and build the firmware images.
  • Boot-loader: Evidence supports Das U-boot, the Open Source "universal'' cross-platform bootloader supporting hundreds of embedded boards and a wide variety of CPUs.
  • Linux Kernel sources including drivers for internal and external hardware.
  • Fault tollerant filesystem wih:
    • Startup scripts
    • Busybox or basic Debian utilities 
    • Communication - Network support (i.e. ssh, web Server, wget, FTP, Telnet, traffic shaping, CAN, Modbus, etc.)
    • Qt graphical libraries with touchscreen support
    • Databases (PostgreSQL, SQLite)
    • Package management system and repository for target maintenance based on the apt-get Debian standard (dpkg, apt-get)
    • Multimedia (ALSA, Mplayer, GStreamer)
    • ScicosLab support
  • Startup scripts and complete source code.
  • JTAG Lauterbach TRACE32 support.
  • The Evelin SDK development environment.
  • Documentation and support.

Download user manual


Available platforms

Evelin Linux BSP for Intel Xscale IXDP465

Evelin Linux BSP for SISAV ConPro9

Evelin Linux BSP for MPL VCMA

Evelin Linux BSP for Atmel AT91RM9200-D

Evelin Linux BSP for Atmel AT91SAM9260-EK

Evelin Linux BSP for Renesas SH7722 MigoR

Evelin Linux BSP for GEA4EVIDENCE (iMx25 ARM9 Freescale)

Evelin Linux BSP for iCore4Evidence (iMx53 Cortex-A8 Freescale)