News & Events - February 2013

Linux real-time scheduler SCHED_DEADLINE v7 released !

ReTiS Lab and Evidence Srl have released SCHED_DEADLINE v7 on LKML.

SCHED_DEADLINE is a new deadline-based real-time task scheduling policy for the Linux kernel with bandwidth isolation (aka "resource reservation") capabilities. It supports global/clustered multiprocessor scheduling through dynamic task migrations.

This is a major release. Internal math has been restricted to microseconds resolution (to avoid overflows), and the RFC tag has been finally now removed.

Evidence collaborated with ENEA for developing a cavitation measuring device CASBA2012 (patent filed)!

Evidence SRL has collaborated with ENEA for developing a detailed design of CASBA2012 confirming to guidelines laid down in the ENEA patent No. RM2012A000448.

CASBA2012 is a device capable of detecting signals from electric transducers sensitive to the vibrations produced by the phenomena of cavitations or boiling that occurs in a fluid and to carry out the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the frequency and trends over time.