News & Events

Evidence at the Embedded Linux Conference - 23 to 25 October in Prague

We are proud to announce that Evidence will be presenting the work done on the Linux kernel and the Jailhouse hypervisor at the ARM Booth at the next Embedded Linux Conference Europe (ELCE) in Prague (Czech Republic) from the 23rd to the 25th of October

For more information follow this link.

Evidence at NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference - Munich, 10th October

The 10th of October Paolo Gai, Evidence's CEO, along with Marko Bertogna, professor at university of Modena, will have a talk in Munich at NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference about: ACHIEVING REAL-TIME GUARANTEES ON NVIDIA EMBEDDED PLATFORMS.

Tom's Hardware talks about Hercules project!

Tom's Hardware has written a very interesting article about the Hercules project and the future of GPU in the Automotive world.

Read the article at this link (in Italian)

GRUB real-time scheduler will be merged into the official Linux kernel

Evidence is proud to announce that the GRUB real-time scheduler has been merged into the official Linux kernel and will be part of the upcoming 4.13 release.

The support has been developed by ReTiS Lab (i.e. Luca Abeni) with the collaboration of Evidence (in the context of the HERCULES H2020 project).

For more information about the submitted contributions, this is the whole patchset:

How to compile an AUTOSAR application with RT-Druid RTE Generator and ERIKA Enterprise 3 (video)

In the context of the Horizon 2020 Hercules Project, Evidence has created a video showing how to compile a minimal AUTOSAR application on an Arduino Uno board using the following tools:

  • RT-Druid RTE generator and configurator
  • ERIKA Enterprise v3 for AVR 8 (build 194)

Check out the video!

Multi-OS demo with Hypervisor on NVidia Jetson TX1

In the context of the Horizon 2020 Hercules Project, Evidence has developed a Multi-OS demo with JailHouse Hypervisor on top of an NVidia Jetson TX1 board.

Check out the demo at this link.