Lately we have been involved in proliferation of in-vehicle electronics devices for automotive industries. This trend not only improved the comfort and the safety of the modern vehicles, but it has also created the need, for the car-makers, to keep in pace with  the latest developments in Information Technology. 

Communication & Media

The advent of the Inernet has completly revolutionized the communication media. Nowadays, just by connecting any portable device to a shared network, different kinds of data (text, image, video, etc.) can be easliy exchaged.

Control systems

A control system is very important as it helps to manage, command, direct and/or regulate the behavior of electronics or mechanical devices.

In automotive, aeronautics, robotics, energy and other fields where it is possible to find automation, these solutions are key for business success. Mainly because an appropriate design and development of these technologies can improve: comfort, safety, reliability and performance.

Digital home

The advancement in electronics is influencing our everyday life. Today, one can find numerous digital devices in every home. Common examples are centralized control of lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), and other systems providing improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security, etc.