Advantech ELAA Alliance

Evidence meets Advantech

Evidence is part of the ELAA Alliance. Evidence main activities focus on supporting embedded Linux and Android on various platforms with skilled competences on Linux Kernel, Ubuntu Core, Xenomai, RTAI-Linux, Yocto, Hypervisors and so forth.

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Ready-to-go solution on Advantech ARM-based boards

RSB-4411 and RSB-3410


Evidence integrated solution with RSB4411, RSB3410, Ubuntu, Qt, Embedded display, and much more.

Evidence provides a ready to go solution for Advantech RSB-4411 and Advantech RSB-3410:

  • Ubuntu 16.04 based     
                   customized to provide a ready-to-use experience.
  • LVDS display support with touchscreen and dual monitor HDMI support           
                   with a configuration tool to simply configure HMI for industrial scenarios.
  • Qt environment              
                   to build and run Qt applications directly on-board.
  • C/C++ and Python development directly on-board        
                   no need for a Linux installation on your PCs
  • Internal FLASH memory support            
                   a stand-alone solution for industrial environment.
  • Quick configuration application            
                   to setup the main functionality of Advantech boards
                   (e.g. display, ethernet, COM, LVDS, …).
  • Examples, libraries and on-site training available         
                   to quickly help customers in the first steps 

                   on the ARM environment on Advantech boards.

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