FLEX Daughter Boards

FLEX Daughter Boards have specalized features to obtain complex devices for all possible applications and they can be piggybacked on the following boards:

  • FLEX001: FLEX Light Base Board
  • FLEX003: FLEX Full Base Board


FLEX100: FLEX Thru Hole Daughter Board

is targeted for the development of small, homemade, custom circuits that can be transparently interfaced with the FLEX Base Boards.

Apart from pinholes for piggybacking this board on the FLEX Base Boards, the board surface is divided into the most common pinhole patterns, such as:

  • Standard 2.54mm pattern
  • Standard 2.54mm alternate pattern, useful for RJ45 and RS232 connectors, etc.
  • Standard 1.27mm pattern, useful for connecting typical SMD components
  • Standard 5.08mm pattern, useful for clamps

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FLEX101: FLEX Multibus Base Daughter Board

simplifies the work with the communication peripherals integrated in the Microchip dsPIC® DSC.

The Multibus Base Board contains following 7 slots:

  • 2 x UART slots
  • 2 x CAN slots
  • 1 x I2C slot (selectable channel)
  • 1 x SPI slot (selectable channel)
  • 1 x Ethernet slot (10 Mbit)

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FLEX109: FLEX Demo Daughter Board

is targeted specifically for educational institutions e.g. Schools and Universities. It adds-on a lot of most commonly used features that are used for carrying out prototyping and laboratory experiments.

The Demo Board hosts following features:

  • 2 DAC outputs of 12 bit resolution
  • 3-axis accelerometer with selectable range between 1.5g and 6g
  • Direct support for a quadrature encoder
  • Set of 4 Push buttons, 8 LEDs, 16x2 LCD
  • Buzzer and Potentiometer  
  • Thermal and light sensors
  • InfraRed receiver and transmitter
  • ZigBee connector
  • Multibus UART expansion slot
  • Scilab support

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