Products: Hardware

Amazing Ball is a complete, ready-to-use system for learning and teaching real-time automatic control.

An easy to use board for your real time operating system demos.

If you do not represent a company,  you can buy an Easylab just clicking the button below

FLEX is a development board to develop and test real-time applications with ease for the Microchip dsPIC® DSC micro-controller.

FLEX Mini Kit is a complete pack targeted specifically for ZigBee users and educational institutions e.g. Schools and Universities.

FPG-EYE is a powerful prototyping board that allows to implement complex applications by using the Mico32 softcore and the flexibility of the FPGA logic.

GEAM6425 is a complete embedded device powered by a 400MHz Freescale ARM9 iMX25 microcontroller

The i.Core family is a family of complete embedded devices powered by Cortex-A8 microcontrollers.

SEED-EYE is an advanced multimedia Wireless Sensor Network node